"HEAL"TH...see the word HEAL????


I am going to start a blog to encourage you about the things of God in your spiritual journey in fitness. I just started back after a long sabbatical from teaching classes. I asked the Lord, why in the world did I take that time off from teaching? I started CrossFit and did that for a while and then went into my own regiment of working out. In a subtle voice, I asked the Lord to show me what the next step was in “MY” fitness journey and what exactly happened to me during my sabbatical… and this is what I learned! You see in a years time, I lost a friend and a very dear employee…..I had to pause….sorry! Her name is Jeri. She had had a stroke to the magnitude of an eighty year old and it took her thoughts, her ability to communicate, her vision at one point, and even left her with the inability to walk. One day she was fine and the next…in a  hospital bed in ICU. Thank you Lord that she is better and we continue to pray health and healing and I know God is at work. This same year my employees were in a tremendous battle…one was getting a divorce and had just had a child, another one had a mother with cancer, one had been hit by a car on his bike and was seriously injured. I think I was a bit overwhelmed with what was going on around me. So, I stepped away from teaching for a while unbeknown to me as to why. I look back and see what the Lord was doing. He has been quietly ministering to my spirit and comforting my heart and pouring living water into an empty well. He has drawn me up out of pit and set my feet back on solid ground and has ignited a fire in me to step back into my calling and to truly see for the first time what had happened to me. It is time for me to bring forth a new fire in fitness in a new place of health and healing. What does that look like? Not sure ….just really feel like the presence of God is going to do some very special things this year in the area of health. Notice the word inside the word…”.HEAL”TH… I believe we are going to see even more healings here at Cardio Studio. Our slogan is …” A PLACE TO IMPROVE BODY MIND AND SPIRIT!” Come and be a part of something special this year. Your fitness journey is about so much more than just your physical body…..its about taking your fitness level to a place where you connect with yourself at a much deeper level. I believe you will see better self-control, have more peace and be enlightened as to what God wants to do in and through you…both physically and spiritually! 2 Corinthians 7:1

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